Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Geocaching - How to get started!

Here is a list of basic steps to get you started on this fun new adventure for the whole family and prepare for Brambleton's first ever Geocaching Event on October 9th! The picture here is of the exclusive Brambleton coin which will be given out to the winners of our multi-cache find :)

Step 1. Go to www.GeoCaching.com and sign up for a free account.

Step 2. Load the coordinates of some of the local cache's into your GPS for practice prior to the Fall Festival, this will help you get a feel for how things are hidden.

Step 3. Keep an eye on the events page on the www.GeoCaching.com website for the Brambleton Fall Festival event.

Step 4. On the afternoon of the fall festival check back with the www.GeoCaching.com website for the newly posted coordinates of the Fall Festival starting cache.

Step 5. Add the coordinates to your GPS and head to Brambleton Town Center for the fun.

Step 6. Once you've found the cache, sign the log if there is one present, and move on to your next cache.

Step 7. Once you're done caching for the night, log back into www.Geocaching.com and "log" your finds.

Equipment Needed:

GPS (unit that you can manually type coordinates into)

GeoCaching App on your smart phone (GPS is more accurate)

Pen to sign the logs

A Sense of Fun & Adventure

Any further detailed instructions can be found on the www.GeoCaching.com website.

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