Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ways to Volunteer in Your Community

Whether you are new in town or looking for a local organization to become involved with, volunteering in your community is a great way to meet people in your neighborhood while making a difference. There are a number of different organizations that are always looking for help; the key is to find the best fit for you.

Here are some ideas on community volunteerism and how to get involved:

Youth Mentoring
With many parents working two full time jobs to make ends meet, more and more children are being placed in after school programs. Youth mentoring is a great way to give back to the community and give the youth of your neighborhood a safe place to learn and grow. Tasks can include reading to children, assisting them with their homework or simply lending an ear. If working with kids best suits you, be prepared to be asked for a back-ground check since most after school and youth-based programs require them.

Befriending the Elderly
Children aren’t the only group in your community who could use a friend. Nursing homes often enlist the help of outside volunteers to play games, watch TV, read, or simply sit and speak with their residents. Many of the residents of these communities don’t have family or friends in the vicinity so they long for the chance to connect with someone outside of the nursing home. A good place to start is to contact your local nursing home’s recreation department to determine if they have a need for help.

Helping Those Less Fortunate
Due to the current economic conditions in the U.S. the number of people in need of assistance is on the rise. Many Americans have lost their jobs, homes and families. There are a number of organizations around the country that are dedicated to getting people back on their feet and they are always in need of an extra pair of hands. From helping collect clothing, to cooking and delivering hot meals, there are a number of ways to lend your support.

Lift Someone’s Spirits
If you’ve ever spent an extended period of time in a hospital, you know how isolating it can be; trapped in bed day in and day out without much contact with the outside world. Spending an hour with someone in the hospital can brighten their day and alleviate their feelings of loneliness. If you are interested in donating some of your time at a local hospital, simply call them up and they can direct you to the correct department.

Once you’ve found the organization that works best for you, be realistic and don’t over commit. If you can only devote an hour a week, let them know. This way, everyone’s time is optimized and no one is left disappointed!

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