Friday, September 30, 2011

A Brambleton Story - Meet the Ladner/Cleveland Family

"We are very excited to be a part of the Brambleton community. We were very familiar with Brambleton, especially with the Town Center, as we lived down the road in the Broadlands for the past six years. The Broadlands is a great community, but with the birth of our second child we were in need of more space. So began our search for a single family home. We visited most of the new developments between Ashburn and Frederick, MD, where I commute three days a week. We saw many nice houses, but for one reason or another most were not a good fit for us. Truth be told, we were not expecting much the first time we entered the Pulte Homes model that would eventually be our home. However, the interior blew us away as it had everything that we had been looking for with an upstairs layout that is hands-down the best (for us!) that we had seen. Most importantly, for the first time we were not just visiting a nice house but rather a place where we could envision raising our family and making memories...a home.

Yes, we love the house, but the real selling point for us is that it is a great community to raise our family. We were already used to frequenting the Brambleton Town Center, where our gym, a couple of go-to restaurants, coffee shop, favorite movie theater and my son's favorite toy store are located. Now these places are even closer! We have already met many very nice new neighbors. My husband and I have reminisced about the days from our own childhoods when neighbors knew each other and looked out for each other and whole streets would occasionally be blocked off for neighborhood block parties. Low and behold, not two weeks after we moved in we were invited to the neighborhood block party! From what we hear, there are many such activities in the community. We look forward to getting involved and making new friends!"

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