Sunday, September 25, 2011

Brambleton's 2nd Annual Cacher's Corner Event - Geocachers Log Comments

On Saturday, September 24th, our caches went live in the neighborhood for our 2nd Annual Cacher’s Corner Multi-Cache Event! After the hunt, Cachers enjoyed refreshments, swapped stories and traded coins at the Brambleton Welcome Center. Here are just a few of the comments they left on

I'd never thought about Brambleton much before this event. The layout of the four event caches left and right of Belmont Ridge Road, with the Welcome Center as the meeting place, is perfect for giving a newcomer a tour of the whole area's housing, recreational and shopping offerings. We started down south at Carpool's are Cool and worked out way north. Nicely done -- thanks for putting this event together.

This was a fun event. Tilly the weiner dog and I attended with fredr1c. We found the four new caches, received our geo-coins and then went on to find four more local caches. Luckily the forecast rain held off and it turned out to be quite a nice evening. Thank you for organizing this excellent event. We enjoyed ourselves.

Thank you so much for putting on this event for a second year. To the cacher hiding them: thank you for the fun and to the Brambleton Welcome Center staff and everyone in Brambleton that supports this project you are awesome. We had lots of fun wandering through the area and then came back to pick up the coin after doing a bit of shopping. I was excited to have won a gift card for the shopping area on the big wheel. We turned around and went right out for dinner then. It was great food and we have found a new place we will be comming back to eat again.

Thank you again for putting this event on and the coins are beautiful.

This was my first event. Accomplished the 4 cache challenge and got my Event Coin. Looking forward to doing another event.

Great to meet other geocachers. Hurrah for Brambleton... nice little town. Already looking forward to next year's hunt.

Very nice to see everyone there today! Thanks Brambleton, the coins are lovely!

Thanks for hosting this event! We were on vacation for this last year and were glad to be able to stop in to say hi this year. We picked up the caches in the morning and then stopped by the event and got our awesome geocoin. Can't wait for another one of these events next year.

Nice event. Thanks for hosting it.

Found the 4 caches and passwords and headed to the welcome center. Met a few cachers on the way, both newbies and well-experienced. This was my first Bambleton experience and I really enjoyed it. Thanks for having this event.

Find #7634 @ 1643 on Saturday, 24 September 2011. This was cache number 11 of 11 total finds. And a Big Thanks for placing goes to Brambleton.

Stopped at home for gpx files for these and headed down to find a few caches and head to the event ... thanks for all the work that goes with setting up an event like this ... it sure is great seeing old friends and meeting new cachers ... can't wait til next year ...

Stopped in for a few minutes.Met some fellow cachers, swapped some stories.Got a Geocoin, spun the wheel, won a t-shirt.thanks for the good time - Find # 535.

Had a great time - really nice geocoin too. Thanks for all the planning!

View pictures from our event here: Brambleton's 2nd Annual Cacher's Corner

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