Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Brambleton Story - Meet the Ludowigs

Approximately one year ago, my husband got word that he was being transferred from New Jersey to Virginia. In January 2011, we started our house hunting trip. We spent three days looking at pre-existing houses, but couldn't find exactly what we were looking for. Even though I was sure at that time I did not want to build a home, our realtor brought us to several different model homes. When we walked in the Winchester model we fell in love with it. It was absolutely beautiful. It had everything we were looking for. Plus, the Danfield Model has a "Your Home. Your Way" motto so you can build it exactly how you want it.

I was very concerned about building a house in Virginia while still living in NJ. I thought there were so many decisions, so many forms, so many things to do. I wondered how we could do this long distance.... and that's when I met Debby Palladino. She is the Community Sales Manager at Winchester’s Danfield model. She made us feel so comfortable with our decision. She made everything easy for us. Between FedEx, faxes, email and phones we made it work. We did it all in three quick visits to Virginia. She really kept me sane through the whole process. She assured me on a daily basis that everything would work out, and it did!!

We moved into our Winchester home in early August and we LOVE everything about it! Thank you Winchester staff for making this a dream come true!! We love living in Brambleton. We enjoy the community pools and the Town Center!

Ken, Kathy, Michael, Emily & Rebecca Ludowig

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