Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Brambleton's Biggest Fan - Meet Barb!

Here is our exclusive interview with our biggest fan!  You can find this and more wonderful stories in our Bramble10 Commemorative Magazine - pick up your copy at the Brambleton Welcome Center today.

What’s it like being Brambleton’s biggest fan?
It’s a really great honor. After many visits to my brother Bob’s home, I knew this would be the place for me. I spend my days taking advantage of this fantastic community, and of course I adore the people here. I wouldn’t get to be Brambleton’s biggest fan without all of my friends showing me the ropes.

We just moved into the neighborhood. What is there to do?
The options are endless. I recommend spending the last days of summer at the Beacon Crest pool. Because it’s heated, it remains open past Labor Day, and its outdoor kitchen makes it a great venue for a back-to-school cookout. As the weather gets cooler, head on over to the Brambleton Town Center to take in a movie, shopping or dinner at any of the fabulous restaurants.

Other than shopping and restaurants, how do you keep busy?
Brambleton is always hosting special events for the community from charity runs to concerts and festivals there’s never a dull moment. And now we’re just days away from this community’s biggest party of the decade: the Bramble10 Bash to celebrate the 10-year Anniversary! The Homeowner's Association has a wonderful group that helps organize community events and they are always looking for volunteers, so give them a call at 703.542.6263. Plus, you can always volunteer at one of the top-rated neighborhood schools.

How can I find out the latest news, events and contests in the community?
If there’s one thing I know about Brambleton, it’s that Brambleton is great at spreading the word. You can always refer to Brambleton’s website (www.Brambleton.com) for all things community related. Also “Like” Brambleton on Facebook (www.Facebook.com/BrambletonView) and follow Brambleton on Twitter (www.Twitter.com/Brambleton) for the latest news, events and contests. Plus, I do my best to be your resource as well. You can find me on Facebook (www.Facebook.com/BrambletonBarb), follow me on Twitter (www.Twitter.com/BrambletonBarb) or check me out on Foursquare (www.foursquare.com/brambletonbarb). It’s easy to stay in the know when there are so many resources at your fingertips.

Are you ever moving out of Bob’s house?
I love staying with Bob, but I’m ready to finally have a place to call my own and make myself an official Brambleton homeowner. Brambleton has the most amazing selection of Beazer, Camberley, Miller & Smith, Pulte, Van Metre and Winchester Homes! It’s going to be a tough decision to choose just one. I may be asking for help from my fans and current residents as I continue my journey to becoming a first time homeowner.

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