Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Brambleton Story - Meet Joey, Chad & Reese

In late 2010, we unexpectedly stumbled upon the Beazer model home while looking to buy a home. After a truly informative meeting with the Beazer Sales Representative, Karen, we knew we had found our soon-to-be-built home. Karen was instrumental by being the most courteous and friendly sales rep we had encountered, giving Beazer a step up above other builders. The Site Superintendant, Jason, guided us through the construction process with various milestone meetings and always answered my inquiring emails. Whenever we would walk through the unfinished unit, we noticed Jason’s green spray paint pointing out to the contractors any defects that needed to be addressed. We met with Steven at the Beazer Design Studio Center during early construction phase. He guided us in selecting the best finishing touches to transform the house into our home.

Today, we are almost completely settled-in and enjoying our new home. Verizon FiOS offers blazing internet speeds and an amazing selection of HD content, all included as part of our Brambleton HOA. Our small backyard requires maintenance but it is a tremendous benefit to have an HOA that maintains our lawn care. The Brambleton Town Center has so many amenities that we find we need to travel elsewhere less often. The movie theater is even within walking distance!

Between the beautifully built house and the conveniences offered by Brambleton, we couldn’t be happier! Thank you Beazer and Brambleton!

Happy Homeowners,
Joey, Chad, and Reese

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