Monday, August 19, 2013

Meet the Builders - Debbie Paschal of Miller & Smith

We recently asked Debbie Paschal, Sales Manager for Miller and Smith - Brownstones, to share her thoughts on Brambleton and why she thinks this Ashburn, Virginia community is such a desirable place to live.

What is your favorite feature about your model home?

It would have to be between the fabulous long kitchen island and the outdoor terrace – both of which are STANDARD FEATURES in our Pierrepont, Montague and Cobble Hill models!

Miller and Smith did their research when it comes to knowing how people really use their homes. They surveyed several homebuyers to find out what they would love to see in a townhouse. The most popular response was an OPEN floor plan with the kitchen located in a more central location. One of Miller & Smith’s signature features is their long kitchen islands and open concept. It doesn't seem to matter how fancy your dining room is, everyone wants to hang out in the kitchen. It is for most people, “the heart of the home”.  

If you have ever toured our models, you will notice that we have designed our kitchens to be in the center of the home. Our kitchen island in our model is a whopping 11 ft. long, great for entertaining! I also love the rooftop terrace. I can totally see myself enjoying a nice cool evening on the terrace, warmed by the (optional) terrace outdoor fireplace watching for shooting stars or entertaining friends for a summer BBQ.  It’s so nice to be able to move right in and not have to worry about building a deck. The terrace is a standard feature!

What is your best memory of the home you grew up in?

I grew up in a home built in the 1960’s – a split level home. My fondest memories of my childhood home always took place in any room that my mother was in. She always had a way of making every room in the house feel inviting and cozy. Our family room was the best! It was filled with family photos, books and comfy furniture. We always had lots of pillows and blankets – the only bad thing was…the kitchen was upstairs and carrying snacks and drinks wasn't always convenient. I love the new homes that are designed with the kitchen open to the family room.

If you were given an extra $10,000 for a home improvement, how would you spend it?

Flooring, I've been really impressed with the new engineered hardwood floors! They have such a beautiful variety of styles and widths. I love the new hand scraped look – they hold up extremely well under heavy traffic conditions and they look warm and inviting. We show this flooring in our model home and with a hundred people touring our home a week, they are still flawless!

What’s your favorite restaurant in Brambleton and why?

All of the restaurants in Brambleton are fabulous! It’s so hard to pick which one I want to visit! I’m a huge fan of Blue Ridge Grill. They have a wonderful menu with lots to pick from. You can take friends and family there and everyone will find something they want to try. I always get the Brentwood Salad. It’s huge! I never leave hungry. I also have to mention Nick’s Corner Grill – I always get great service and I love their new menu.

Explain your most memorable connection or moment with a homebuyer?

This question was a tough one for me, I truly feel that each and every buyer is so very special and I have connected with every single one of them. They all have different reasons they come in to purchase a new home. I think the one that stands out in my mind the most was a couple who was competing with an in-law to have the better house and upgrades. They always felt like the “underdog” in the family and were nervous about making good interior selections. I helped them put it all together and when settlement rolled around, you could just see their faces beaming with pride as they saw their home for the first time. Needless to say, their relative was quite impressed. These folks still keep in touch with me and send me pictures of their children. They still love their home and thank me every time I hear from them. Pretty cool and so rewarding!

Why do you think Brambleton is one of the top selling communities in the entire nation?

I honestly feel that first impressions are everything and when you arrive in Brambleton you immediately feel the vibe and energy of the community. The exquisite “well kept” landscape leads you to believe that this is a brand new community when in fact it is 10 years old! Brambleton’s Management Team does an excellent job making the physical appearance of the community a top priority. The community and Town Center always look neat and clean. 

You will have a sense of pride when family and friends come to visit you and they drive thru this fabulous community to get to your home.  The grocery store, shops, restaurants and Movie Theater are all within the Town Center.  There is always something going on at the Town Center – sometimes it’s a live concert featuring great cover bands, or fireworks, Christmas Horse and Buggy rides and sometimes it is a triathlon, neighborhood camp out or yard sale– great way to meet neighbors in your community. People visit our model homes from near and far and often stick around long after our models have closed to enjoy the Town Center festivities.

If Brambleton sounds like the kind of place you’d like to call home, stop by and say hi to Debbie today. For more information on Brambleton, please click here.

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