Friday, February 28, 2014

Christmas Trees for Charity

This past holiday season, SuzanneEaton Christmas Trees, a family-owned business, operated the "Christmas For The Cause" tree lot in the Brambleton Town Center with sales benefiting the Cherry Blossom Breast Cancer Foundation.  This family felt the heart of this organization a few years ago when Suzanne’s sister and Leesburg resident, Holly Groves, was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer and denied any medical benefits from her insurance company.  Following the recommendation of her surgeon, The Cherry Blossom organization paid the fee for Holly to proceed with her surgery.  Feeling truly blessed and looking for a way to show their appreciation and give back, the family sponsored a Christmas tree sale to raise funds for the Cherry Blossom Breast Cancer Foundation.  With the help of Brambleton residents who supported their fundraiser, they were able to present Jim Atkins, president and founder of the Cherry Blossom Breast Cancer Organization, with a check for $3,200 on February 21st at the Brambleton Welcome Center!  Way to go, Brambletonians!!

The Cherry Blossom Breast Cancer Foundation was created in honor of Cheryl Clayton Atkins, whose childhood nickname was “Cherry Blossom.”  Her death from breast cancer and her wish that her husband would work to make life better for those who followed her were the motivations for the formation of the Foundation.  In 2006, her husband and some of her friends began their breast cancer effort as part of Middleburg’s Piedmont Community Foundation.  In November 2009, after expanding the fundraising beyond Middleburg to Leesburg and Warrenton, the Cherry Blossom Breast Cancer Foundation was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia and granted 501(3) public charity status. Today the Foundation continues to expand with a directive to detect, treat, educate and eliminate breast cancer.  Ninety percent of grant monies are directed to local charities and non-profits, while the balance goes to regional research.  The Foundation’s three-year objective is to raise and grant $1,000,000.  For more information, visit

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