Monday, May 19, 2014

5 Tips to Get You Ready for Summer

Traditionally Memorial Day marks the start of the summer season. With just a few days to go til summer can officially begin, here are 5 tips we have to make sure you’re ready for a fun-filled summer in Brambleton.

1. Give Your Diet a Berry Boost
Make sure to grab your berries at the Sunday Farmers’ Market here in Brambleton. According to the experts, a cup of mixed fresh berries – blackberries, blueberries, or strawberries – every day helps improve your diet! Berries not only load you up on antioxidants, but are a great source of fiber, which helps keep cholesterol low.

2. Get Out and Enjoy the Sun
With miles of trails, parks, playgrounds and sports fields, there is plenty to do outside. Keep the kids busy and away from behind the TV by encouraging the whole family to get out and move. Enjoy a nature stroll or a game of catch. Or host a family get-together with potato sack races. There’s plenty to do! Click here for more ideas.

3. Stay Hydrated
With all your activity outside, make sure you stay cool and avoid dehydration. The most important thing is to drink plenty of water. During summer, you sweat more, so you have to make sure to replenish the water in your body. One tip you can try is to fill up a water bottle and put in in the freezer for 30 minutes to an hour. The “iced-water” will last much longer. Take one of these to the pool and you’re set for an ice-cold drink when you come out of the water.

4. Protect Your Skin
The sun can do much more damage than simply give you a painful sunburn. Protect yourself with SPF sunscreen of at least 15. In addition, make sure to wear a hat, sunglasses and clothing made of dark, tightly woven materials that will absorb ultraviolet light better than cotton fabrics in lighter shades. Keep in mind that even umbrellas or shade trees provide only moderate protection from ultraviolet light, and they don’t protect you from the reflections of many surfaces.

5. Keep Pets Safe
The summer months can be uncomfortable for us humans, but imagine having a thick coat of fur! Remember to never leave your pets in a parked car – not even for a minute. Temperatures inside a vehicle can rise rapidly to dangerous levels. Also, limit exercise on hot days and adjust the intensity and duration in accordance with the temperature. Finally, always provide your pets with plenty of water, as they get thirsty too! For more safety tips, check out The Humane Society’s website.

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