Saturday, October 4, 2014

Brambleton’s Future All-Stars

The Loudoun South Little League is one of the largest little leagues in Virginia, and Brambleton residents both large and small have certainly made their mark within this competitive lineup.   

In the Spring of 2014, 248 players, over 25% of the little league ball-players hailed from Brambleton!  Way to step up to the plate mini-Brambletonians!

The 8-9 year old team surrendered only three runs over six games to capture victory in the SYA Special Games Invitational – an astounding feat for any age but especially impressive for this young team!

The 9-10 year old team went on to the semi-finals of the state tournament after winning their district in smashing Brambleton style.  A successful and formidable team, much of their success may be attributed to the fact that many have played together since they were only 5 years old!  That team includes Josh Hand, Geffen Franus, Connor Kelsey, Matt Ihle, and Owen Donahue -- all from Brambleton!  Assistant Coach Any Ihle also hails from Brambleton and helped guide this impressive team through exciting victories throughout the district and state tournament. Coach Ihle has served as the head coach of these Brambleton players on their travel team since they were 8 years-old.  

The 11-12 year old team has two star Brambleton residents, Carson Trent and Sean Kelsey.  Sean’s Dad, Rich Kelsey, served as the Assistant Coach.  This unstoppable duo helped guide their team to the district championship and on to the state tournament as well!

The Junior team (ages 13-14) scored a top-six in Virginia rating in their trip to the state tournament, after giving up only three runs while securing the District crown! 

A special shout-out goes to Brambleton brothers Sean Kelsey and Connor Kelsey, as the only two Brambleton brothers to each play on separate all-star teams that made it to the state tournament!  Coach Kelsey noted, “it is rare for one little league to have on team to win a District title from one age group, let alone have two advance to the state tournament. What an adventure for me to watch both of my boys play in statewide tournaments this year.”

As Brambleton continues to grow, more and more of our youngest residents are stepping up to the plate and dominating in local sports.  Congratulations to all those little athletes in the Brambleton community and all those parents who keep wonderful programs like the Loudoun South Little League running – keep up the good work!  

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