Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Where does the empress of interior design choose to call home?

Where does the empress of interior design choose to call home?  Brambleton of course!

Raji Radhakrishnan is the founder and principal interior designer behind the seductively sophisticated Raji RM & Associates, an interior design firm working on city and country homes in the Washington, DC and New York areas. 

The firm’s work has been published in several publications including Veranda, House Beautiful, Traditional Home, Metropolitan Home, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Washingtonian and most recently as the cover story in Luxe Interiors + Design.

Whether the design dictum is to create a chic, neo-classical home or modern lair filled with collectible vintage French and other fine European furnishings, clients have come to rely on Raji's vision, expertise and taste to create beautiful and personalized homes.

Raji was gracious enough to sit down for an interview with us, and here is what this talented Brambletonian had to say:  

Q: As an artist and a professional, what drew you to the Brambleton neighborhood? Does living in Brambleton inspire your work in any way?

A: My work requires quite a bit of travel and quick access to the airport is key, but I also needed a place to recharge without the hustle and bustle of life in the city. We bought our home over 12 years ago when Brambleton was just starting and I wanted to create a home that was not only a calling card for my work but also one that really suits our family and where we can create our own history. A move to the city has always been tempting but over the years the neighborhood has grown with us, and after a long day turning around the corner to Brambleton does still put a smile on my face. It's home sweet home.

Q: What is your favorite style of interior decorating to see within the Brambleton community?  How does the community culture influence this style?

A: The community is very youthful but you often see generations of people coming together and I think a mix of traditional and modern certainly suits the lifestyle here. That means taking the best of history and tradition and blending it with our modern life. Brambleton also has a great mix of people from all over the world with different heritage which should translate to a very interesting mix of a global and well-traveled style too.

Q: What do you enjoy most about living in Brambleton?

A: I absolutely enjoy the walks we take here. The neighborhood is maintained very well and I enjoy seeing the abundance of trees, seasonal plants and flowers in full bloom during our walks. Friendly and caring neighbors can make all the difference. The community events and activities especially for children are also wonderful. It's a great place to raise a family!

Q: Can you tell us about how you have decorated your own Brambleton home and why?

A: I recently remodeled our home which is now about twelve years old. I've made the interior architecture more classical with a lot of millwork and 14" thick walls in some rooms. These additions and alterations are more in keeping with the exterior Georgian Manor style of our home. As for decorating, it's a mix of styles particularly French Modern from the 1940s-1970s all set against a classical backdrop with large historical murals and modern art.
Q: Anything else you would like to share about your experience living and working in the Brambleton community? Do you have any tips for our Brambleton residents to decorate their homes?

A: When you move into a new home, it's very tempting to rush to a store nearby and fill your home with furniture. However, I think the best way to decorate your home is to first take the time to understand your home and how you really want to live in it. Where do you want to - read the newspaper, work, hang out with family and friends, do your crossword puzzle, how do you want a room to feel, etc.

Think about art, think about different styles of decorating that you like, about things that make you happy. Come up with a holistic and cohesive plan to furnish the rooms, a plan that is unique and fits your personal style and only then buy what you really love.

There are so many wonderful resources for home owners these days but the key is to have the vision, come up with a realistic plan that not only addresses all your needs and functions but actually feels good and then see it all through.

Q: Do you have any tips for residents looking to decorate for the holiday season?

A: Whether you are going for one big tree or several smaller ones spread across the home, it's good to pick two to three colors for each year or for each room so that each has its own vibe and mood. Don't forget to check your own yard for interesting things including beautiful fall leaves you can preserve, acorns and pine cones. You can simply collect them in different trays or bowls to add color and texture. And if you have a Magnolia tree, the leaves can make stunning garlands and wreaths!

What better place for this design visionary to call home than Brambleton – where homes reflect those integral tenets of visual stimulation, composition of space, and integrity of functional design. 

We are honored and proud that this talented Brambletonian calls us home!

For more information visit www.rajirm.com.

Photo Credit: photos of Raji Radhakrishnan’s home provided by Raji RM & Associates with credit to Rikki Snyder for the photography. 

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